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Join Triaba today, respond to paid online surveys and be paid from 3.50 and 91 Pesos for each paid online survey you complete. You can start claiming your rewards after accumulating just 350 Pesos in your account.


Inquision is a leading online research agency specializing in the development of high quality access panels in newer/smaller markets. We offer sample only and data collection services to end clients and other research professionals in Philippines and abroad. To contact us for a quote or further information, please use the contact form. Would you like to participate in our online surveys? Signing up to the survey panel is easy - simply fill in the member profile form and you are ready to receive surveys. We know your time is valuable! So every time you participate in a survey we offer you the chance to win a prize. Before each survey you will be informed what you can win. Click here to join the survey panel! Participation is 100% voluntary and it does not cost anything. You can always choose not to participate in individual surveys.



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