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Members of the Triaba Panel take part in surveys about current issues, fun topics as well as give feedback on leading brands and products. Members also get paid for their efforts – usually between 1 and 5 $US per survey, depending on the length of the interview. The longer the survey, the more you'll earn. With the Triaba Panel, when we send you a survey invitation, we let you know how long a survey is and what it is worth to you in $US. Panelists are paid by PayPal. Our members in Malaysia is paid in US dollars.


Get Paid To Take Surveys - Join e-Research-Global.com
Members pay no fees ever to join and to take online surveys for money. Free registration and membership for paid surveys.
Must be 16 years or older to join the e-Research-Global.com's Consumer Paid Surveys Panel to take paid surveys and earn money.
Members may participate in paid online surveys for money (online questionnaires for money), online focus groups and new product testing for money.
Members can refer new members using their member referral link, and be paid cash for their referral's completed surveys.
We send email invitations to take online surveys to make money. For our e-RG/Elite Panel a survey App is available for download. For some countries and languages there are also paid surveys for cash in the member's portal/account.
For a completed survey, members are paid with money as a reward. The amount of the cash reward varies from survey to survey depending on the time and difficulty of the online paid survey.
Members are eligible to redeem cash rewards once they have earned $2.00 USD for completed online surveys. We pay using PayPal.com. For our e-RG/Elite Panel, members need 100 points to receive cash reward through PayPal.




Kepercayaan kami
GlobalTestMarket merupakan peneraju teknologi seluruh dunia dalam penyelidikan pengguna global yang ditaja oleh GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.).Keyakinan kami adalah bahawa bagi tahun-tahun yang menjelang, sebahagian besar penyelidikan berasaskan kaji selidik akan dilakukan melalui Internet ekoran terwujudnya kelebihan dari segi kepantasan dan kesalingtindakan.

 GlobalTestMarket ditubuhkan pada Ogos 1999 sebagai sebuah bahagian GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) Tujuannya adalah untuk menghasilkan penyelesaian global bagi syarikat yang mahu menjalankan penyelidikan pengguna dalam talian merentasi berbilang negara. GMI berkhidmat untuk lebih daripada 300 pelanggan dalam lebih daripada 40 negara.

 Jika anda adalah peruncit atau pengeluar dan berminat dalam menyenaraikan produk pengguna peringkat penghasilan atau baru kepada dunia dalam salah satu ujian pasaran dalam talian, sila klik pada Kajian Pasaran.


Welcome to DataDiggers Malaysia!
DataDiggers online panel is the place where you earn rewards by filling out various online surveys on your computer, smartphone or tablet, whenever you have some spare time and from anywhere you are, as long as you are connected to internet.

Why should you sign up our panel:
earn money for each successfully completed online survey,
you have the chance to share your opinions about how good or less good are the products and services you use every day and ...
you can influence the way they will look in the future! Moreover:
filling out online surveys is fun and easy, possible anytime you have some time available and and anywhere you are: at home, at work, at shopping, when you are out with your friends or when you visit your relatives 🙂 registration and membership are absolutely free!
you can easily cancel your account anytime with a simple click.


Join for free and join us as a mystery shopper
For instance you go to a store and observe the cleanliness of the location, have a sales conversation with an employee and ask questions to test the employees´ knowledge. You report about your shopping experience and we process the information and report it back to our clients. The performance delivered by the employees is measured and compared to the desired performance. This helps companies to determine what their weaknesses are and where they can improve. Therefore mystery shopping is a tool to improve customer service and it keeps employees on their toes.


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