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Talk Online
Talk Online Panels operate in central and southeastern Europe through a network of representative offices and local project managers. We recruit through ongoing surveys and community and media portals, keep user details in a secure database and can draw on them to create a list of participants for a target-specific survey - be it market research or opinion research. Survey participants are rewarded through a loyalty-points program that allocates varying number of bonus points for the completion of a questionnaire. Depending on the legislation of each country, the points total of a panelist can be exchanged for gift vouchers or converted to cash, either paid into a bank account or donated to a charity.

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Online Surveys Participant Panels where members earn, Survey Programming, Hosting and Data Collection Services for Academic and Market Research.

e-Research-Global.com members who complete $2.00 USD or more in online surveys are eligible to redeem rewards, and will receive an email from PayPal.com within one to two days, similar to the one below, for an instant reward payment. If you did NOT use your PayPal email address for survey registration with us, we will contact you by email at that time for your PayPal email address for the survey reward payout. If no PayPal for your country, we also use Payza.com.




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